Born in Sangre Grande in a small agricultural village in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago, our namesake Tyrone was known as “Uncle Tyo or Uncle Tyrone” not only by his numerous nieces and nephews, but even those outside the family.

The fifth child of parents who were avid agriculturists, Uncle Tyrone  turned to the soil for respite after retiring from teaching in the early nineties. Initially he grew pimento peppers. This was a lucrative industry, but the market soon became saturated and he switched to hot peppers instead. Uncle Tyrone had a keen interest in the culinary arts and typically his famous fried rice always made its way to the table at family gatherings. It was soon learned that the key to the flavour of his fried rice was in his special home-blended seasonings and chili sauce. He made pepper sauce, chutney and other condiments, all of which added a special flavour, spice and vigour to food.

Within time Uncle Tyrone’s pepper sauce and seasoning soon became more famous than his fried rice. No self-respecting visitor to Sangre Grande left without a bottle of “Uncle Tyrone’s pepper sauce” or seasoning. Soon foreign visitors to Sangre Grande were calling for Uncle Tyrone’s pepper sauce to take home to their friends. A cottage industry was born and today Uncle Tyrone’s Pepper Sauce is known throughout the Caribbean has now been brought to Australia through one of his nephews, who first labelled ‘Uncle Tyrone” after his beloved uncle’s eponymous sauce.

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